"Even if you've never heard of the 1954 Maria Callas album, even if you neither know or care about her or opera, this book is entrancing." Greil Marcus, Real Life Top Ten, Los Angeles Review of Books 1/2022

“Both accessible and rigorous” this book is “a meditation on Callas in the vein of Alex Ross’s best public scholarship, merged with the personal analytical style of authors like Catherine Clement and Philip Gossett.” IAWM, P. Alderman Award Committee 2022




GINGER DELLENBAUGH is a music historian who has taught and written about music and politics, the cultural techniques of the human voice, and vernacular notation systems.  As a trained opera singer and songwriter/composer, she performed for several years in Europe and the United States.  Her current research involves patents of music notation in the USPTO. She lives in New York City and Vienna, Austria. 


Selected Publications